The Future of Old?

Nothing that I can say on the subject can be novel.. but lately I really worry about the future of antiques. It used to be that everybody collected SOMETHING– hence all the unwanted collections of parents and grandparents that pop up on eBay and etsy. I see my favorite antiques shops closing down left and right. I know it’s a symptom of the economy. But have you seen an Ikea close its doors yet? I only hope that enough of this generation likes OLD more than convenient and inexpensive. 


This morning I got stomach cramps while making my daily comb over etsy. I FINALLY found several of titles in a series of vintage girl detective books– with impeccable dust covers– and was impulsively putting them ALL in my cart when I realized they weren’t books. The seller had gutted them, glued the dustcover on, and turned them into some kind of iPad holder. If that is not it in a nutshell…





About citychateau

Welcome to City Chateau! And greetings from my city chateau, which is a tiny apartment in a quiet Amsterdam neighborhood where I live with my husband and our darling baby boy, Teddy. I moved here from Connecticut almost five years ago when I met my now husband. When we were expecting Teddy, I gave up my job as an tour guide. Although I don't miss living out of a suitcase and having to remind myself what state I'm in every morning, it has been more than a little jarring to become a stay-at-home mom. I'm trying to get back to writing and art-- two of the things I've always been most passionate about but had trouble devoting myself to, on the road. In our little Chateau, we've created a very old-fashioned world filled with flea market loot, successful art projects, and walls of books. The City Chateau blog about seasons, shopping, stories, crafts, cocktails... everything to make life richer, for those of us who aren't rich! I've always loved the expression 'Don't be a beggar sitting on a bag of gold'. I think it's always worth reminding yourself of what you're good at and racing full-tilt toward your own rainbow.
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2 Responses to The Future of Old?

  1. Hilda Koning-Bastiaan says:

    Now that you say it…….I was disappointed last year in Haarlem. There used to be many antique shops, but we could barely find any. some only were open a few days a week.
    We ended up going into one that was great. The owner was there and let us in, but usually it was open only by appointment.

    • citychateau says:

      That’s right, Hilda. There were a handful of real beauties in Haarlem with VERY Dutch treasures in them. My question is: where is that stuff??

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