Artists’ Boxes




Artist Box #1 : 29.5 x 21.5 x 7 cm – 80Euro

DSC01757 DSC01758 DSC01759 DSC01760 DSC01761  DSC01767 DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC01770 DSC01771 DSC01772 DSC01773

This LeFranc box is loaded with old paints, a few brushes, and a palette knife. This box came from France, has a leather handle, well-stocked, lots of charm.



Artist Box #2 : 30.5 x 21 x 6.5cm – 50Euro

DSC01775 DSC01776 DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01780 DSC01782  DSC01784 DSC01785 DSC01786 DSC01787 DSC01788 DSC01789 DSC01790 DSC01791

This box has great hardware, a delicious double-dipper, some fat tubes of paint, and a handful of brushes. This is an English box that came off Portabello Road Market.



Artist Box #3 – 31 x 24 x 7cm – 85Euro

DSC01792 DSC01793 DSC01794  DSC01796 DSC01797 DSC01798 DSC01799 DSC01801 DSC01802 DSC01803 DSC01804 DSC01800

Here’s a really unusual box for a couple of reasons. The artist seems to have created his own hinge with a bit of canvas or duck ‘tape’ and nailed it into the body and lid to keep the lid from falling backward. Many of these boxes, as you well may know, didn’t come with a lever hinge, so the lid would fall back into a painful-looking position whenever the box was laying open. Additionally, the artist cut and inserted little wooden blocks into the lid so that he could (presumably) use small circular palettes, or smaller square palettes. Most good artist used the palette for a limited time and then moved on to another. In this case, the artist could replace the palette with either shape and still make it secure inside the box. The inscription inside the lid reads ‘Curly ’25’.



Artist Box # 6 – 37.5 x 19.5 x 6 cm – 100Euro

DSC01829 DSC01830 DSC01831  DSC01833 DSC01834 DSC01835  DSC01837 DSC01838 DSC01839 DSC01840 DSC01841 DSC01843 DSC01844 DSC01845 DSC01847 DSC01848 DSC01849 DSC01851 DSC01852 DSC01853

A Lyon box, as indicated in the lid. The double dipper is spectacularly large. The are brushes here, oils paints, a huge amount of long charcoal sticks, and a regretfully bad watercolor study tucked into the lid. Oh well, at least the box is beautiful.



Artist Box #7 – for folding palette: 37.5 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm – 50Euro

DSC01855 DSC01856  DSC01859   DSC01862 DSC01857 DSC01863 DSC01869 DSC01871 DSC01865 DSC01866 DSC01867 DSC01868  DSC01870  DSC01872 DSC01873

This box, meant for a folding palette, had phenomenal hardware. There are two totally different dippers, and three really special brushes– wrapped in shell or tortoise (hard to tell). The clasps are sharp and look like dragon talons. Really different.



Artist’s Box # 8 for Folding Palette- 39 x 17 x 8 cm – 50Euro

DSC01874 DSC01876 DSC01877 DSC01879  DSC01881 DSC01882 DSC01883 DSC01884 DSC01885 DSC01887 DSC01888 DSC01890 DSC01892 DSC01893 DSC01895 DSC01896 DSC01897 DSC01898 DSC01899

Fabulous hardware again, a really loveable dipper, and some brushes that have more paint than most palettes. There are a variety of old brushes in this box as well as charcoal. From France.



Converted Brass-Bound Trunk Artist Box- 50.5 x 27.5 x 20.5cm – 130Euro

DSC01901 DSC01905 DSC01907 DSC01909 DSC01910 DSC01912 DSC01914 DSC01917 DSC01918 DSC01919 DSC01920 DSC01921 DSC01922 DSC01923 DSC01928  DSC01930 DSC01931 DSC01932 DSC01933 DSC01935 DSC01937

This box speaks for itself. I got this at Amsterdam’s most famous street market, the Albert Cuyp Markt. This is a small brass-bound trunk the artist has converted into an art box. He had built a tray for paints and seems to have kept his raga and filthier bits in the lower half. All of the paints are, as you would expect, Dutch. It is a novelty and a great collection-builder – to have Rembrandts and Talons in DUTCH. The dipper is enormous – more like a cup. The chest itself is spectacularly pretty. The artist built a shelf into the lid that just about any palette could slip into. This box was featured prominently in the Homes & Antiques feature.



Traveling Artist Box by Eyre & Spottiswoode, London – 25 x 14 x 2.5cm – 35Euro

DSC01743 DSC01745 DSC01746   DSC01755DSC01749 DSC01751 DSC01753 DSC01754

What’s strange about this box is that it’s Eyre & Spottiswoode – who were primarily a printing house. I don’t think I could find another box by them is someone was holding a gun to my head (you never know). This artist, for some strange reason, kept his used caps. Since these are the original contents of the box, I do have to wonder whether he was saving up to replace some of his spent colors.



Turn-of-the-century pochade box (more pictures tomorrow)– from France – 100Euro

I’ll take some more photos of this box tomorrow. It’s a spectacular little French pochade box that folds up to be about 52 x  32 x 11 cm. A very compact, dainty little skeleton of a thing. This is another great piece from France.

DSC02751 DSC02752 DSC02753 DSC02754 DSC02755 DSC02756 DSC02757 DSC02758 DSC02759 DSC02760 DSC02761 DSC02762 DSC02763


I may be listing more boxes/ antique artist supplies as I gradually unpack from our last move. Email me with any questions:




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