Vintage Needlepoints


If Nancy Drew ever rides in the hunt…
Here is a really lovely, VERY large vintage needlepoint depicting a country hunt. The size is 42″ x 28.5″ (106.5 x 72 centimeters)
The horses, hounds, and riders are vivid and bright in unusual – almost startling colors. The riders are racing through birches with very animated hounds running alongside. This is at least as bright as it appears to be, so be aware these are not traditional hunt colors. This is a very different, VERY large, heavy piece. It’s large enough to be a rug (and could be). I had a lot of trouble photographing it from on top of the desk and it was still hard to get the right angle. There is hardly any twist here– you can see, on the back, the pains the artist took to keep it from warping as she was stitching. The back is nearly as exciting as the front. The corners have been cut close to the needlework, but there isn’t a single stitch missing. It is 100% intact and glorious. (the last 3 photos are of the reverse)

Vintage Redhead Hunt Scene – $75



And here is a really lovely, large vintage needlepoint depicting a country hunt. The horses, hounds, and riders are vivid and bright in traditional hunt colors.The size is 29.5″ x 19″ (48 x 75 centimeters). This has been done in cotton thread- each stitch actually being a little cross. I bought it from a man in the Netherlands who was clearing out his mother’s things (sad) and this is one of the many gorgeous things she’d made. The frame was ragged and chipped with broken glass, so I liberated it from the frame and it’s currently stretched over a strong piece of cardboard. I will remove it from the cardboard  for the sake of economy shipping if that’s what you’d like.

Traditional Vintage Hunt Scene $50


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